What does the names on the giftboxes mean?

Gråmyr is a forest lake, located in Gudhjems own little forest above the town of Gudhjem..

Bokul is the name of the rock on which Gudhjem lies at the foot of and it was here the famous painter Oluf Høst painted.

Holka is a small valley in Gudhjem.

Hammershus is a ruin of a medieval castle on the northern tip of Bornholm.

How much does a single toffee weigh?

Since our toffees are handmade, the weight can vary. A toffee weighs between 6 and 7 grams.

Are there any allergens in your toffees?

Our toffees contain milk, and may contain peanuts. In addition they may contain traces of sesame and other nuts.

Our toffees are gluten free.

Do you use sustainable palm oil?

We use RSPO-certified palm oil. The focus of RSPO certification is to protect nature. New plantations must not damage valuable forests, and the use of pesticides must be kept to a minimum. The companies must also be socially responsible in the way they treat their workers, who must also be allowed to join a union.

Is your fat animal or vegetable based?

The fat we use in our toffees is vegetable based palm kernel.

Is your emulsifier animal or vegetable based?

An emulsifier is used to get the ingredients to "stick together". The emulsifier we use in our toffees is vegetable based.

Are all toffees made in Gudhjem?

Some are made in Gudhjem and the rest is made in Rønne.

When did Karamel Kompagniet open?

We opened in the spring of 2004.

Do you have more shops?

The shop in Gudhjem is our heart and the first shop we opened. In the fall of 2013 we opened our second store in Rønne.

Additionally, there are some 250 stores in Denmark, which sells our toffees.